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From top left to right:
chocolate female, Chuck, black male, chocolate male, Buster, Sunny and Olive, black female

We love our Labs!


We are a family breeder who are enjoying the "joys of a fourth generation" of dogs. We started our family 15 years ago with Buster and Sunny, and are proud to have most of the puppies go to lab lover friends and family. Our dogs are from Washington and Oregon State and have the English big blocky head, barrel body and big paws. We love to teach our children the responsibilities of puppy caring, and love to see all our babies go to excited new homes. Come visit our puppy photos at the above links. Enjoy...we sure do!
Owners: Mike & Heather Hughes Family
Location: 30 minutes W of McMinnville or Salem
Contact us at: 971-832-1400
Pedigrees upon request